Hells Rangers
Member's Board
1. Joe "Pathfinder"
2. Michael "Broadsword"
3. Matt "Cowboy43"
4. ​Nathan "Monster"
5. T.J. "Reverend"
6. Justin* "Tank"
7. Rickie "Rebel"
8. Charles "Reaper"
9. Michael "Redneck"
10. Timothy "Country"
11. Kevin "Charger"
12. Zachary "Monkey"
13. Kaleb "Snake"
14. Paul "Radar"
17. Brian B.
18.​​​​​ R.I.P Mike Gangi
19. R.I.P Doug Murray​
​​​​​​​Honorary​ Members - Brian "Boomer", Matt "Ironsights", & Rob 
Dates & Locations:
From the embers of a smoldering fire, to once again claim paintball glory Hells Rangers is merging onto the paintball scene. Some new faces as well as some old faces are eagerly awaiting that first paintball that hurls across the sky. Team is rebuilding only to come out better. We always welcome any new members who want to play. No matter your skill level. Feel free to hit us up.

Proud members of the Valken Corps Great Lakes. Click picture for Valken Corps FB

3/21-3/22 Armageddon White River-Anderson, IN
4/19 Battle for the Brig-Battlegroundz-Greenwood, IN
5/10-5/11 Hotel of Death*
6/21-6/22 Jungle Run 2-Battlegroundz, IL
7/19-7/20 Fallout: March of the Legion-Ft Knox-Winnimac IN
8/9-8/10 Red Strike-Viper Game-Blast Camp- Hobart IN
9/6 COD vs Battlefield-Battlegroundz PB-Greenwood, IN
9/20-9/21 Hotel of Death*
*Is our personal event...everything is subject to change